Tuesday, December 9, 2008


How is it possible that my little boy is 16 years old today.  I am TOO young to have a 16 year old! LOL  I don't know that at any age a parent is prepared for their child to turn 16. :)  This young man means the whole world to me.  I am extremely grateful today for this amazing gift God blessed me and his dad with 16 years ago today, all 10 POUNDS of him! 
 It's these milestones in my children's lives that cause me to miss Daniel (my late husband) so much, it hurts.  I know how proud of his kids he would have been.  I thank God every day for filling in the "gaps", and I am humbled by how amazing these kids are turning out to be.


The Kannenbergs said...

Seriously. There is not an ugly gene in your family!

Corin said...

Ah, this is beautiful. Gives me a lump in my throat thinking of my baby boy {4 months} turning 16!!!

Beautiful image as always :)

lashell said...

A...I seriously cried when I read this post. Yes, I too can't believe they are 16..it went by sooo fast.

Brenna said...

Hi Amanda, this is Brenna Phelps. Your son and I did cross country together this season, and I was introduced to you at Lithia Park by Mackenzie Johnston. My mom absolutely loves your work, and checks your site all the time. She immediately recognized him in this shot, she got excited because she realized that I probably knew you. And she would love to meet you sometime :) This is a great picture, and I had a lot of fun with him this season! Brenna