Friday, December 5, 2008

.birthday wishes.

Today is my 36th I blow out my candle, I can't help but reflect on what awesome adventures this past year has brought me personally.  I am especially thankful today for a year of health and wholeness.  Thank you everyone for believing in me!
So....I have to give PROPS to my 11 year old daughter who shot these images of me. :)  These shots are in camera crop, and she shot them handheld! I am one proud mama!  She is a natural!
My kids know that I am a coffee finatic, so of course my birthday cupcake had to be a chocolate cup of espresso!
I am officially taking today off!!! 

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Kari said...

Happy B-lated B-Day, I blog stalk you Thanks to Tee and Lashell who both did Pettie Sessions with you, such amazing work, I am truly a fan. Someday, hopefully sooner than latter, I would love to have you take my family pics. It's like artwork!!