Sunday, December 28, 2008

.new beginnings.

Meet Cash.  This little man is 2 weeks, and a big boy!  I don't usually photograph babies over 10 days, but due to weather and Christmas, we had no choice!  He wanted to be awake for the entire session. :)  Grandpa finally had the magic touch, and lulled him to sleep.  
This will be my last client post for 2008, and the last client post on this BLOG.  I am very excited to upgrade my blog to a WordPress which will allow me to post HUGE images for my sneak peeks!  No more little tiny ones!  I will post the link to the new Blog within the next two weeks!  


Anonymous said...

Can not even begin to describe the feelings I have going through my body! He is such an amazing gift from god and I will promise to do my best!

Fadil Wimala said...

congratulation for the new family member.. :)